Myrna Rabinowitz

Lullabies and Longings - New Album

A Collection of New and Old Yiddish Songs

Lullabies and Longings - Myrna's first solo Yiddish album. A collection of both original songs written by Myrna and beloved traditional Yiddish songs all sung from the heart. New lullabies, songs of tribute to a mother and father and songs of longing will touch the Yiddish soul and open your heart. Read about it here.

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1. A Yingele A Kleyns (A Little Boy)
2. Mayn Tate (My Father)
3. A Ziseh Mame (A Sweet Mother)
4. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds)
5. Moyshele Mayn Fraynd (Moyshele, My Friend)
6. Friling (Springtime)
7. Fun Yener Zayt Lid (On the Other Side of the Poem)
8. Mayn Rue-Plats (My Resting Place)
9. Aye Lu Lu Lu
10. Shlof Zhe Yingele (Sleep, Little Boy)

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